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In Demand Toys originated as Toyz And Gamez back in 2004, being aware myself how difficult certain action figures and collectables were to obtain our mission was to make this easier for everyone in the UK and Europe.

We always had a popular website, Amazon store and Ebay store, but throughout the years we have always had a bricks & mortar store too. To find us on the map, click here.

In 2009 we started attending comic cons and toy fairs which has also been a great outlet to reach the fans of the merchandise.

The name changed to In Demand Toys in 2012 as it seemed a more suitable name as we no longer sold mainstream toys or any kind of games! We continue to be one of the first stops for toy collectors to get the latest, rarest and greatest toys and collectables!”
A1 Toys is an independent UK toy retailer, based in Glasgow, Scotland. We have three toy stores located in Glasgow City Center, Braehead Shopping Center, and Silverburn Shopping Center. We also have a sister store called Static Games. Static Games maintains a complete range of specialised and family gaming products to handle all your gaming needs. At Static Games, you'll find a large selection of board games, collectible and trading card games, miniatures and many more!

Our stores are bright and modern with helpful and knowledgeable staff. We offer a large lineup of toys, action figures, comics, graphic novels and board/card games. If you're looking for something that we don't have in stock - just ask one of our friendly staff members and they check to see if we can will order it for you.
Hello and welcome to the Colony.
You have arrived at Team Planet.
I am going to guess you have visited this section to see who you are going to be entrusting with your collectible needs?

Well look no further and let me tell you a little about us!
Planet Action Figures is a small family run, online only, retailer of collectibles.
We opened in 2015 in the Garden Of Kent, and due to our dedication, wide range, and great Trust Pilot reviews we grew massively, and quickly.

We are now a strong competitor in the UK and Europe and have become a trusted and recognised authorised dealer of QMx, ThreeZero, Asmus and Star Ace.

We are also the official ambassador company for QMx in the UK.

We can be found on Trust Pilot where we currently have a rating of "Excellent".

We can be checked here.

Have a look around, spend some money, and thank you for visiting our site. Your support is hugely appreciated.
Team Planet, Over and Out!
Please note that there are some delays with pre-order items arriving from Hasbro UK. This is mainly caused by Brexit/Covid and the weather which has caused many ships to miss their docking slots. There is nothing we or Hasbro UK can do about this. Delayed stock is slowly starting to arrive, but stock originally due in January/February seems to have been pushed until March/April. We only received two days notice of delivery and will update the site as soon as we know any changes. Please check the product page for latest information. Sorry for the delays, but rest assured stock is still coming.

18/3/21 - We have today resent all outstanding European delivery issues to DPD, We will respond as soon as we hear back from them. Most of the issues have been caused by customs in the Netherlands (main EU sorting hub for DPD) and Spain, and we are now asking for queries to be sent to customs on each parcel, and will respond as fast as we can. We will look at turning on shipping to the EU in the next few days.

All existing EU DPD countries have been switched back on expect for Netherlands and Spain. We hope to be able to start accepting new orders for those two countries next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Let's begin with a brief introduction to the proprietor of Figureland, his name is Steve and he had an idea to start a business long ago but when life leads you on a path and raising a family came first, it was finding the right time to put his ideas, his knowledge and his passion into good use.

Steve grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, and he soon found that he had a passion for many things including toy figures, video games, models, drawing, films, science fiction and more and just like many of the customers and fans today, there are many similar interests among us and he loves nothing better than assisting them and talking to them about their passions.

Being a collector is something that grows with you and becomes quite an addiction and Steve laughs about this because it also requires a lot of space to keep everything so let's begin by welcoming you to Figureland, a business born from dedication and a passion to help your collection grow and to also offer unique gifts for everyone.

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